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If you are interested in getting involved with The Nassau Literary Review, there are two ways you can participate: submitting original work and/or joining our staff. To learn more, read on.

Submitting to Nass Lit

Each Fall and Spring, we take submissions for our biannual print issue, which features the best student prose, poetry, and art on campus. Please note that we only accept submissions from undergraduates at Princeton University. All work should be submitted to, with the subject line “Submission: [Genre],” replacing [Genre] with “Prose,” “Poetry,” “Artwork,” et cetera. Our submissions guidelines are as follows:

Prose and Poetry:

  • Submit your work as a Word document and not in the body of an email.
  • The document should be titled as follows: “LastName_Genre_Title” for poetry and “LastName_Genre_Title_WordCount” for fiction.
  • Do not put your name anywhere within the document itself; we have a blind selection policy.
  • Try to keep your submission under 25 pages.
  • We accept plays, screenplays and translations.


  • The resolution of any image submitted must be at least 300 dpi.
  • If you want to submit an image to be a one-page spread, it must be at least 600 dpi.
  • If possible, do not send us art in JPEG or GIF formats, as they will inevitably be lower-quality than a PNG, TIF, or PSD image due to compression.

Essay Guidelines:

Our dedicated and talented staff writers also produce critical and personal essays for the website throughout the year.  If you are interested in writing an essay for the website as a guest contributor, you may submit a pitch, a partial draft, or a completed piece at any time during the academic year to  We are selective, but are happy to meet with you in person to talk about your ideas, both during and after the selection process.  Notable essays may be reprinted in the print issue, and exceptional guest contributors may be considered for positions on the staff.

Joining Nass Lit

The Nassau Literary Review‘s staff is divided into three sections: staff writers, the Editorial Team, and the Administrative Team. At the beginning of each semester, we accept applications for available positions. Staff writers form the majority of Nasslit’s staff and have the exciting opportunity to publish essays on our website. These essays come in all shapes and sizes: personal essays with cultural or political relevance; reviews that use a contemporary book, film, or play as a jumping-off point to examine an idea; and critical essays on the relationship between art and science, or the future of poetry, or whatever else comes to our writers’ minds. Regardless, these essays aim to be in-depth and intellectually stimulating. We’re looking for writers with unique voices, unusual areas of cultural/intellectual expertise, and a passion for ideas; put simply, we’re looking for writers we’d want to publish. The Editorial Team is a group of about 10 editors (prose editor and assistant, poetry editor and assistant, design editor and assistant, resident artist, etc.) who work together to create our print magazine. This process includes deciding on an issue’s theme, selecting prose, poetry, and art; designing and laying out the magazine, and so on. The Administrative Team consists of all positions that handle the administrative tasks of the magazine: Operations Manager, Alumni Liaisons, Publicity Manager, and Web Manager are a few examples.

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