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How Lonely Sits The City, Part I

Why do ruins appeal to us? This question, which will guide the two essays that compose this series, is more central to our understanding of history and aesthetics than we may at first believe. Our perception of any one ruin and its moral and cultural consequences are inextricably connected to its geographic and temporal coordinates. Our imagination of ruinscape, whether individual or collective, depends not only on who we are, but also where and when we are. Continue reading

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Launch Party Instagram Competition

The Nassau Literary Review held an Instagram competition at the recent launch party. We are happy to announce the winner and runner-up! Continue reading

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The Nassau Literary Review – Fall 2012

The Nassau Literary Review’s Fall 2012 issue has launched! Learn about the magazine, download its PDF version, and take a look at pictures and videos from the launch party below the jump. Continue reading

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In Translation

Every week the Lewis Center offers talks, reading, exhibits, and showcases of brilliant and luminary minds who reside here on Princeton’s campus.  On Wednesday night I had the privilege to be exposed to the life’s work of Sarah Charlesworth, our … Continue reading

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