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FROM THE ARCHIVES: “Ms. Myra” by Lorenzo Laing (2013)

Ms. Myra doesn’t take disrespect from anybody. Not her kids, not her lovers, not her friends, not the mailman, not the President of the United States. And she especially doesn’t take kindly to the disrespect of those “who didn’t do nothin’ to deserve no foolishness from other people.” Continue reading

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Interview with Jonathan Safran Foer (2004)

“I’m always curious about what an author looks like. I guess I wish I weren’t, and of course I know in my heart that it doesn’t matter at all. I think it’s not a bad curiosity – I don’t need authors of the books I love to be good-looking. I just want to feel a connection with them.” Continue reading

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The Last Day (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

The last light wanes and drifts across the land, The low, long land, the sunny land of spires. The ghosts of evening tune again their lyres And wander singing, in a plaintive band Down the long corridors of trees. Pale … Continue reading

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