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April Hu ("Xiaonan" for those not intimidated by the X) is a junior in the Sociology department. She likes tea with milk and honey, fireplaces, cozy chairs, and people. She can be reached at

A Lesson in Two Extremes

Sympoh’s new dance show “Break Out” suffers from being uneven in quality. The stellar pieces are clean, crisp, and a joy to watch, but their brilliance only painfully highlights those pieces that fall far short.
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To Command a Stage

Apocalypse represents Princeton’s Black Arts Company at their best, but more importantly, it shows they’ve still got a thirst for becoming better, even if that takes them outside their comfort zone. Continue reading

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The Sweetness of Harmony

A group of powerful voices from Tbilisi resonated in harmony through the Princeton University Chapel on Monday, as the audience tapped their feet to lively drumming and a rich bass. Continue reading

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Momentum and Greatness

At just under two hours, Princeton University Orchestra’s first concert this year is an ambitious effort that more than pays off for the listeners. Continue reading

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Gone For a Loop

Looper Directed by Rian Johnson Starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rated R $10 general, $7.50 for students “Goddamn twentieth-century affectations,” Abe (Jeff Daniels), crime boss from the future, says bitingly to the young looper Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in reference to … Continue reading

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