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Priyanka Goyal is a lifelong New Jerseyan and current freshman at Princeton University. When she’s not diligently composing literary masterpieces or scrambling to finish engineering problem sets, she can often be observed spending her free time taking long walks on the beach, painting, being Indian, shopping for argyle sweaters, singing long to Beyoncé or juggling flaming torches. She may be reached at

A Box of Delights

As a BodyHype alumnus once told me, dancing is not just labels and movement; it’s a story-telling catharsis, a way to generate “hype” and breathe the fire and enthusiasm of performing arts into an audience. Continue reading

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Pirouettes and Post-Rock

At its best moments, perhaps the greatest triumph of “Nutz” is that it accomplishes what every performing group at Princeton ultimately wants to: taking the art that one eats, sleeps, and breathes and making it accessible to laypeople of the Orange Bubble. Continue reading

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Deconstructing Hoodie

Perhaps Hoodie Allen’s appeal amongst college kids stems from a kind of fellow-feeling; as we stood cheering in the stands of Richardson Auditorium, we felt like we were cheering on not an unapproachable music legend but a fellow Tiger and friend. Continue reading

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Murray-Dodge Bacchanal

The premise was simple; given eight hours and ten of the most bizarre prompts known to man, seven teams of budding playwrights were challenged to compose a script for a short theatrical piece. After a brief meeting and discussion period with the writers, the baton was then passed to seven directors, who were given until 8 PM to cast, rehearse, and bring these starry-eyed visions to stage. Continue reading

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