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Paul Fanto '15 is from Larchmont, NY. He really likes reading things and especially talking about them. He can be reached at

Popular Fiction Month

Hello, everyone!! The Nassau Literary Review website is excited to announce that this April will be its first official popular fiction month.  During this entire month, the staff writers will be reading, digesting, and deconstructing America’s favorite novels.  Why are we … Continue reading

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Princeton Gone Wild

The goal of Triangle’s new musical, “Tree’s Company,” is to reduce the audience to pure laughter. Not the halfhearted chuckles or bitter shouts that accompany satire or a comedic relief in a tragedy, but full-on, sides-shaking, tear-inducing laughter such as can only be produced by straightforward silliness. Continue reading

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Visions of the Everyday

“Dancing Into Dream, Maya Vase Painting of the Ik’ Kingdom” Princeton University Art Museum Runs Oct. 6, 2012 to Feb. 17,2013 Dark against the glazed orange background, fat and sparsely clothed men sit cross-legged and gesture at each other.  Kings … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Work

How Fiction Works by James Wood Picador 2009, 288 pages, $14.00 softcover That title sounds just a little off.  Who ever thinks of fiction “working”?  Washing machines and computers work (sometimes), but fiction?  Why would anyone write a book about … Continue reading

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