Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with The Nassau Literary Review, there are two basic ways you can participate: submitting original work and joining our staff.  We encourage anyone who’s interested in sending us work to be considered for publication to check out our submissions page.  If you are interested in joining the staff, read on.

Our Organizational Structure

The Nassau Literary Review splits its staff into three sections: the Editorial Team, the Administrative Team, and our team of Staff Writers.

Staff Writers form the majority of Nasslit’s staff and have the exciting opportunity to write essays for the magazine. These essays come in all shapes and sizes – personal essays tying into issues of cultural or political importance; reviews that use a contemporary book or film or play as a jumping-off point to examine an idea; critical essays on the relationship between art and science or the future of poetry or whatever else comes to our writers’ minds – united by the fact that they are in-depth and intellectually stimulating fare. We’re looking for writers with unique voices, unusual areas of cultural/intellectual expertise, and a passion for ideas – and more to the point, we want to publish them.

The Editorial Team is a group of about 10 editors (a prose editor and assistant, a poetry editor and assistant, a design editor and assistant, etc.) who collaborate in the process of actually putting the magazine together. This includes the selection of pieces, the design of the magazine, deciding on things like an issue’s theme, and so on. All Editorial Team members must also be staff writers.

The Administrative Team consists of all those positions (e.g. Business Manager, Archivist, Publicity Manager, etc.) that handle the administrative tasks of the magazine.

We accept applications for available positions at the beginning of each semester.  APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN AND WILL BE DUE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH AT 11: 59 PM.

How to Apply

There are two applications, the Staff Writers/Editorial Team Application (Application A) and the Administrative Team Application (Application B).

Here are the appropriate links: Application AApplication B

For Application A:

  • You MUST fill out an application to be a Staff Writer. Staff writers will be expected to write at least one short piece for the magazine each month and to attend bimonthly meetings to brainstorm potential essays and workshop/edit their work.
  • If you want, you may also fill out the part of the application pertaining to the Editorial Team.
  • If you apply for a position for the editorial team and are rejected, you may still be accepted as a Staff Writer.

For Application B:

  • You can fill out the application for one or various positions involving the administrative process, some of which (e.g. Operations Manager, Archivist) are new.
  • You will not be expected to write for the magazine if you occupy one of these positions, but of course you can if you wish.