The NLR’s Arts Weekend Projects

arts weekend


In celebration of the Princeton Art’s weekend, the Nassau Literary Review sponsored and had members participate in two writing activities.

The 1,000 Words Project explored the relationship between photography and writing.  Each writer was given a photograph without any context and had to create a piece of writing that reflected his or her reaction to that photograph.  You can see the photographs and the writing pieces here:

Burning the Midnight Oil was a faster paced-project.  In the course of 10 hours, a group of 10 writers, writing for one hour each, created a story.  You can check out the video here:


About Nassau Literary Review

The Nassau Literary Review is the second oldest undergraduate literary magazine in the nation and the oldest student publication at Princeton University. Such authors as F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Peale Bishop, and Jonathan Safran Foer (among others) have been published in its pages.
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