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What We’re Loving- April 2014

Nassau Literary Review Staff talk about what they’ve been reading, watching, and listening to while sitting under courtyard Oak trees in the warm spring sun.
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What We’re Loving- Spring Break 2014

Nassau Literary Review staff talk about the weird and beautiful stuff they’ve been reading and watching on their weird and beautiful week without classes. Continue reading

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Fare Thee Well, Llewyn Davis

The Academy snubbed the Coen Brothers’ latest film. But would Llewyn Davis care? Elliott Eglash explores the character, who struggles to make art in dichotomous world of sellouts and purists. Continue reading

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The Void and Us

The void does not exist to deter us. We explore space not despite the void, but because of it. Something pulls us into that darkness, to step into the unknown and unknowable. Continue reading

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It’s Because They’re Dirty, You See

Neill Blokamp’s “Elysium” is a film about a small minority holding the power and wealth, forcing the masses to live in squalor based on illusions of superiority. But I think that this analysis can be taken much further. Continue reading

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