What We Loved in 2014

Nassau Literary Review staff choose one work to remember from 2014. Continue reading

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Fighting Words

I felt like I should’ve pointed out that my grandfather was Belgian and that the driver was Yemenite, reminded him that none of his ancestors suffered in the Holocaust and that I didn’t even know enough about Yemenite Jewry to know what memories of suffering he lugged around. I nodded and stepped on the bus. I guess adopted brothers are just as good as any other kind. He drove off into the windy curves of the West Bank, rolling hills kissing star-crowded skies like something out of a C.S. Lewis novel. Like something too good to be true. Continue reading

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Dynasty: 21 Years of Giants Baseball

Baseball may be more epic than short story. It may be more narrative than battle. But it is anything but boring. Continue reading

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: “The Letter” by Maia ten Brink (2012)

The boy who had found a cricket in the corner of the car
held it against his chest, breathed to it a happy lie—
A nameless child among nameless children
held it against his chest, breathed to it a happy lie. Continue reading

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(Suburban) Miami Vice

Maybe it’s because I don’t seem particularly Floridian – don’t like swimming, no tan, have indeed seen snow – but people assume, after we’ve cleared the beach stereotypes out of the way, that I’ll regale them with tales of indulgence and vice that smack of the 33496. I’m only too willing to do so; until very recently, I’ve been one of Boca’s snidest and most vocal critics. Continue reading

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