(Suburban) Miami Vice

Maybe it’s because I don’t seem particularly Floridian – don’t like swimming, no tan, have indeed seen snow – but people assume, after we’ve cleared the beach stereotypes out of the way, that I’ll regale them with tales of indulgence and vice that smack of the 33496. I’m only too willing to do so; until very recently, I’ve been one of Boca’s snidest and most vocal critics. Continue reading

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What We’re Loving — Summer 2014

Nassau Literary Review Staff recall the best stuff they read and watched this past summer. Continue reading

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Join the Nassau Literary Review!

We’re looking for people who are passionate about culture and the arts—if you’re such a person and want to be surrounded by people who share your interests and can engage in great conversations (in print and out of it), then the Nassau Literary Review may be the place for you. Continue reading

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: “Ms. Myra” by Lorenzo Laing (2013)

Ms. Myra doesn’t take disrespect from anybody. Not her kids, not her lovers, not her friends, not the mailman, not the President of the United States. And she especially doesn’t take kindly to the disrespect of those “who didn’t do nothin’ to deserve no foolishness from other people.” Continue reading

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